8-15 April

Ski touring, hot springs & Icelandic raw nature

After 7 years of Sail to Ski, it’s time to explore new fjords and mountains. This winter we’re heading to Iceland with vans as our mode of transport.

It will be one week, focused on chasing the best snow at the time. Usually, this means heading North, to the Troll Peninsula, but we might also land in the East Fjords or West Fjords.

I will be leading the trip in the same way as Norway, together with one more local skier to show you the mountains.

We will live in winterized 4×4 camper vans and ski for 6 days. It will be a mix of touring, resorts, snowmobile assisted skiing and hopefully also some cat & heli rides depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Each night we will sleep at a campsite or next to a cabin so there will always be access to toilet, showers and a place to dry your gear over night.



Perhaps the best upgrade from Norway is that the Arctic Plunge will be replaced by Icelandic natural hot springs. Some of them you can even ski down to.

Hot Springs is a very important part of Icelandic culture. If there’s not a natural one, each little town has their own pool with outdoor jacuzzis and saunas. So we will aim to always end the day in hot water.

Included in the trip is: 

  • Camper van
  • Ski pass 2 days in resort
  • 1 night in a hotel mid-week
  • 1 day of cat-skiing or snowmobile assisted skiing (depending on conditions)
  • Campsite fees for all nights

Additional costs:

  • Fuel
  • Food & drinks
  • Optional heli lifts


  • €2800 for a medium van (2ppl)
  • €3500 for a big van (2ppl)
  • €3900 for a big van (3ppl)

Hotel & Heli-ski

In the middle of the week, we will check in to a 4* hotel for one night. Living in a van is fun but it’s always nice to get a quick break from it, enjoy the spa and the breakfast menu.


On good weather days, the local heli-ski company offers early morning heli bumps.

This is an optional extra and costs roughly $150/person for one lift. This will get us 1500m up, first thing in the morning. We can then do many shorter tours from there and ski fun lines at the peaks, before we ride all the way down to the ocean at the end of the day.

Icelandic Nature

We will of course also take the opportunity to see Iceland and its amazing nature. Active volcanoes are not guaranteed, but we can almost promise we will see northern lights!


The Vans

Easy Clever 4×4 van

All vans have a small kitchen, insulation, heater, water tank, fridge and come with bedding + towel included.

This van is for 2 guests.

  • €2800 (€1400/person) @ 2 guests

Easy Viking 4×4 van

All vans have a small kitchen, insulation, heater, water tank, fridge and come with bedding + towel included.

This van is for 2-3 guests.

  • €3500 (€1750/person) @ 2 guests
  • €3900 (€1300/person) @ 3 guests


When should I book flights and to where?

You should fly to Keflavik International Airport (KEF). Aim to arrive on the 8th of April, ideally before noon. We will be driving to the mountains the same day which is 6h away.

Book departing flights anytime on the 15th if you need to. However if you can, do stay until Sunday 16th and spend Saturday night in Reykjavik (hotel in Reykjavik is not included)

How hard is the skiing?

The skiing is similar to sail to ski in Norway. Both in steepness and in views over the fjords.

Since we have vans there are more opportunities to get creative and pick your own lines. However we aim to keep it safe and ski nice runs.

We will not be going on any glaciers so ice axes and harnesses are not necessary.

The mountains are between 700-1500m high.

Does it get cold at night in the van?

No not at all. All vans are equipped with Webasto heaters, keep it running over the night and you’ll be warm and cozy.

How's the snow and weather this time of year in Iceland?

April is the best time for ski touring in Iceland. The weather is starting to get more sunny ad it’s still plenty if snow in the mountains.