Can I shower during Vanlife?

The simple answer is: Yes you can. Everyday.

Iceland is perfect for vanlife, much due to the fact that you will never have any problems finding a good shower. A good shower is of course important to fell your best when on holiday and living in a van for a week without getting clean is not ideal for many. Luckily there’s plenty of options, here’s what’s on offer:

Camp site showers

Every night we will be parked at a camp site. This is the law in Iceland, campers are not allowed to stay over night in the wild. All the camp sites we visit have showers and toilets to make your life as a vanlifer as comfortable as possible. You can also fill up your water tank and get rid of trash here.


Local pools

Iceland has a long tradition of geothermal heat and taking hot baths. In more or less every town, ever so small, there’s a local swimming pool. Perfect for a hot bath and showers and the entry fee is usually less than €5. Plus they are always outdoors udner open air so on a warm summer day you can sit in the sun and relax. In addition they use fresh geothermal water from the ground so they are also 100% sustainable. 

Natural Hot Springs

These are not the place to bring out your schampoo and conditioner but experience wise it doesn’t get any better. Iceland has plenty of natural hot springs, some along the road and some hidden deep in valleys or high up mountains. Luckily we are experts in hot springs and will direct you to the very best ones along our route. Take the right roads and we can guarantee you’ll sit in a natural hot spring almost every day during your trip.

Blue Lagoon

While we’re on the topic of hot springs, the most famous of them all is worth a mention. The blue lagoon is a highly recommended visit. There’s one of them close to the airport, perfect after a long flight. There’s also one in the north which you will pass by towards the end of the week.