The Blue Lagoon 

If you have ever thought about visiting Iceland chances are you have heard about the Blue Lagoon. It’s one of the most famous attractions in Iceland and for very good reasons. The water is silk smooth, filled with silica and minerals that gives the water it’s colour and nurishing effect on your skin.¬†

It’s hands down a special experience and after a week of vanlife the perfect end to a great week. The blue lagoon is situated just next to the airport which makes a visit convenient at arriving or departing Iceland.

Once there you have two options, the regular blue lagoon or The Retreat. The regular one is one large pool and this is most likely the one you have heard about. Then there’s a newly built retreat and spa just next door. They both share the same water but the retreat is one level up in luxury.

The Retreat is dug down into the lava field so it almost feels like swimming through a maze built out of old lava. There’s also an amazing spa with a 4-step ritual acoompanied by the Blue Lagoon skin care products. If you feel you deserve somethinge extra, we highly recommend a visit to The Retreat.

Both options require advance bookings so make sure to plan ahead and get a reservation.